Company Overview ::..
> Firm founded in 1983
> Privately owned
> Experienced team of investment professionals
> $261mm in assets under management
> Stable base of long-term institutional clients
> Fundamental, bottom-up value investment philosophy and process
> Superior investment track record
KR Capital invests for our clients as a partner with management for the long-term. Our value driven approach includes an emphasis on cash flow and earnings quality. It's our intention to delve beneath reported numbers to view investment valuations adjusted for differences in R & D spending and capital structure. We want to buy quality companies with enduring franchises at the right price.

KR endeavors to continue our thirty plus year record of superior performance by remaining consistent and focused. Further, we take pride in providing exceptional client service and aspire to maintain the level of service that has resulted in account retention of more than 15 years for many of our clients.